ORBITAL FINISHING Machine, especially indicated for solid-wood doors and kitchen cabinets makers for its unique high level of finish with no cross-grain scratches, with fine sanded surface in
edges and recesses thank to its special cross and inclined combined brushing system.
The Costa Levigatrici Orbital Sanding Machine, a patented machine not comparable in the field, protected with a number of world patents.
This is the first and only Orbital sanding machine utilizing standard sanding belts with paper support mm. 2620 x 1350.
Is completed with oscillating air jet blowers for sanding belt cleaning are utilized for the long lasting of sanding belts.
Feed system with rubber feed belt driven by inverter.
Constant pass-line 900 or 1000 mm, to enable the utilization of the machine in line with other machines.
Orbital sanding unit with rubber covered contact cylinders  available in different hardness according to utilization.

Main Technical features


Working width 1350 [mm]
Working units 1-3
Constant pass-line
from floor
900  [mm]
Abrasive belt length 2620 [mm]

Available Working Units